Adrienne Dines June 2017 WI Meeting

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Guest speaker Adrienne Dines braved the heat and attended our June Meeting speaking on the subject of Creative Writing.

Her talk was highly informative and thoroughly amusing.  Armed with props and practical examples Adrienne took us through the world and structure of creative writing, illustrating that different genres of novels all have the same format and hero/heroine characteristics.  She took us from Romance novels, leaving us musing over Poldark and Mr. Darcy – a hero must always wear a shirt, to Crime/thrillers where out hero/heroine has markedly different characteristics.  She kept our members entertained throughout, littering her speech with hilarious memoires of life growing up in a Convent School; the consensus of the members at the end being that she must come back and visit us for one of her other talks!

Adrienne gave us a list of books, that she uses in her lectures, for our Book Groups as follows:

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep – Joanna Cannon
Our Endless Numbered Days – Claire Fuller
Swimming Lessons – Claire Fuller.  (her beginnings are slow but the ending are masterful!)
The Loney – Andrew Michael Mitchell

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