Best Dressed Belles

IMG_4000Following the announcement our fabulous win of ‘Best Dressed Stall’ at Bookham Village Day, our members were very excitable at our June meeting on Monday night, so what better way to entertain a large hall of women than to talk about our wardrobes and become the ‘Best Dressed Belles’!!

Julia van den Berg from House of Colour was our guest speaker. She IMG_4007wowed us with beautiful transformations, her fabulous wardrobe and great tips and ideas about fashion and what type of colours we may need in our lives to help improve our self confidence and esteem. Our members were excited and entertained and there was a great deal of talking about fashion ‘faux pas’ and how our impulse buying habits need to be curbed!!

IMG_4015There was also a lovely discount offered to the Great Bookham Belles WI for those wishing to have a proper consultation at Julia’s offices in Twickenham; many of our ladies signed up, including our President!!

As always it was a very lively evening finishing up with a great refreshment social served in the Conservatory.

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