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Environmental Monthly Meeting

Our February Meeting was the first run by the Belles’ recently formed Environment Committee. The group explained that their emphasis is to have fun learning together to make their behaviour a little greener and sharing their findings with those in the wider group who might be interested. They highlighted that environmental choices are often not straight forward but encouraged everyone to think about whether they could do something to make their own behaviour a little more eco-friendly by perhaps pledging a new environmental behaviour each month or quarter and used the national newspaper campaign, ‘Do One thing’, to illustrate some of the additional green alternatives people might consider adding to what they might already be doing.
Our guest speaker was Elsje from Fetch’em from the Cupboard in Ashtead (which also has a concession in Greenwise in Fetcham) which sells sustainable items and bulk wholefoods enabling people to shop packaging and conscience free. Elsje shared with us the store’s ethos and journey and also the women who have inspired her to make the choices she has. Elsje’s tips included using the search engine Ecosia where a tree is planted for every 45 internet searches.

Throughout the evening, each table participated in a fun environmental quiz and our two bees became quiz masters!! A copy of the quiz with answers can be viewed here Environmental Quiz

The evening ended with a fantastic free raffle, all of the prizes were made from sustainable products so giving us an insight into alternative ways of helping the environment. These alternative ways can be viewed here: Simple Swaps.

As always refreshments were on hand, this time in the theme of Fairtrade, served by our Environmental group and the socialising continued – brilliant fun as always.

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