Finger Puppet/elephant making

Belles Crafts and Laughs group have been busying themselves with a fantastic knitting marathon and creating wonderful finger puppets for a charity close to the heart of one of our members Fiona Bacon.  Fiona who started the finger puppets off because her grandson was in the neonatal ward at St George’s.  First Touch regularly ask for knitted help to support and raise funds for sick & premature babies and crafts and laughs got to work. 

New knitters like Gilly have never knitted before, but learnt, & made five bunnies for five babies at the hospital. Alongside that the elephants were started by Mairead, another Belle who encouraged the group to make elephants for a charity call Braintrust which supports children with brain tumours. What wonderful talented ladies we have and for such worthwhile causes – just amazing – well done! 

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