Green Finger Belles?

The Belles ventured out from their usual meeting venue this month with a trip to The Vineries in Lower Road, Effingham. We almost had a record turnout of members and guests, for an evening of hanging baskets and planting pots demonstrations along with private shopping time!

Our members were greeted with fabulous refreshments in the coffee shop where Amanda (our President) conducted the initial news sharing part of our meeting.  Then it was time to move into the outdoor plant area of the shop to have a hanging basket and pot planting demonstration.  It was our demonstrator, Lara’s first time flying solo and she produced a fantastic hanging basket in minutes which was later raffled for our members. The Vineries team then allowed us to shop, plant, chat and have a fabulous evening browsing, shopping and creating our own baskets with their help.

Our President made a start on the WI ‘brasket’ competition entry, supervised by Julie Eames, who had to take over as Amanda’s gardening techniques left a lot to be desired!!!  It was a very successful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  A special thanks to Michelle and her team at The Vineries, they were absolutely superb and also to Dave (an honorary Belle for the evening)!

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