Music, tricks, drugs, prison, charity and Prosecco!

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Music, tricks, drugs, prison, charity and Prosecco were all on the menu last night as Belles WI finished off the season with another great speaker!

Jake Phillips took us on a journey through his life from his unsettled childhood, having an alcoholic mother and temporary step dads,  to today having just turned 50 and helping those worse off than himself.   Along the way he learnt to love music and play the guitar his brother had given him by listening to the radio.

Again through his brother he learnt to juggle and walk the tightrope, thus ending up performing circus tricks – his pièce de résistance being juggling, lying on his back on the high wire!!

Jake recounted how he fell into a life of drugs and his subsequent decent into drugs and how as an ex offender he has been able to reinvent a new life for himself and atone by helping those who are drug addicts, mentally afflicted or homeless, by running music workshops and meditation sessions.  His talk rounded off with an impromptu ‘jamming’ session with audience participation – showing how easily one could be taught to play music, sound great and feel good about themselves as a result.

With the evening ending with Prosecco and nibbles on the lawn Belles commented how much they had enjoyed this year’s Programme and looked forward to the next.

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