New Year New You

2015’s first monthly meeting started with us exercising for a New Year New You; that is to say exercising our vocal chords and then facial muscles!

It may have been cold outside but not so inside as guest choral instructors, Teresa Wood and Nicky Williams, came to warm us up for our first rendition of Jerusalem.  We were all more than pleasantly surprised at how melodious a sound we produced, even singing the alphabet in rounds to prep our voices and culminating in a Jerusalem performance accompanied by the piano.  It has spurred our Events co – ordinators to incorporate a “choral evening” into one of our future events!

Once we had lubricated our voices – it was time to be educated by guest speaker Andrea Hutchins from Ah Skincare on how to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisturise our faces or rather, in most cases, our hands!  First another round of exercises for our faces to tone and keep us looking young, then each of us sampled products, from the “ah” anti-ageing skin range!

Our New Year New You theme was also carried through to our great looking New Name Badges and New Great Bookham Belles inscribed mugs.  Our thanks go to all our guest contributors – a great start to the New Year that left us thoroughly looking forward to February’s meeting A Butcher’s Tale of Woe.

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