Our Fabulous Baker Boy

The Belles February meeting was one our most entertaining and
informative yet. Professional Bread maker and celebrity YouTube vlogger Jack Sturgess aka Bake with Jack.co.uk, demonstrated the art of baking delicious homemade bread.
Using just flour, yeast, salt and water Jack showed how these simple ingredients could be transformed with relative ease and surprisingly little
effort into mouthwatering homemade bread. Who knew that you could prove bread at room temperature and that dough had a top and a bottom?? Even those with breadmaking experience learnt some fantastic new top tips from Jack’s humorous presentation and he was bombarded with questions from a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience.
Jack obviously knows his stuff – the samples he provided at the end of his
demonstration were absolutely delectable with many members saying it was some of the best bread they had ever tasted.
The Co-op had probably better stock up on Strong White Flour. The Bookham Belles are now hooked on dough thanks to our inspiring breadmaking lesson from Jack Sturgess – our Fabulous Baker Boy.

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