Quizzee Belles

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Belles attended this months meeting with their thinking caps on to participate in the first inter-Belles quiz. Quizmaster Natasha, one of our own members, devised a fantastic quiz for the rest of us, as well as general knowledge there were rounds on the WI organization to coffee, to guess the charity logo.  The committee mixed things up this month allocating members to a team, via ‘pick a ticket’ from a tin. This was the ideal scenario for members to mix and get to know other members they may not have fully met before and it worked incredibly well. Laughter mixed with friendly rivalry rang out through the hall and everyone felt they had learnt something they hadn’t know before – who knew that a coffee tree matures at 5 years old! The feedback we have received for this event has been outstanding making it a sure thing that this or something along these lines will become at least an annual event! Our winners won chocolate treats by a small margin and our losing team, bottles of water, although everyone agreed there were definitely only winners, everyone making new friends.

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