The Crop Circle Mystery

TableclothAfter the Summer break Belles were transported into the unexplained and fascinating world of Crop Circles in our September Meeting.

Guest speaker Andy Thomas explored the extraordinary enigma of crop circles, the intricate shapes which appear in fields around the world each year Andy Thomasand still defy total explanation despite media scepticism and much debate.  Andy is a leading researcher of unexplained mysteries and an author of many books on the subject of Crop Circles including the acclaimed ‘Vital Signs’.  Alien Crop CircleHe has been investigating Crop Circles for the past 25 years and with a stunning slide show eloquently gave us a chronological guide to the crop circles mystery, viewing the the first drawing of one in the 17th Century, to the first known photo in the 1930s, up to a video of strange lights that clearly formed an intricate pattern in seconds and to the present day where they seem to have become more intricate representing fractal shapes, maps of the constellation and indeed even coded messages!

This was definitely a very thought provoking night and opened our eyes to a widely ignored phenomenon in our world; even our President afterwards was lost for words!

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