Donations to The Grange

Great Bookham Belles WI donated literally a barrow of gifts to the local charity, The Grange, this week.  Having contacted the charity for their wish list Belles donated to the Horticultural and Catering Departments.  Four of the Belles’ committee were kindly shown around on a tour by Nick and Marion and it really opened our eyes to what work is carried out here and what a difference it makes to those that stay or visit.  A tour will definitely be on the Belles’ agenda for our members to visit.

First stop was home of the Horticultural Department located next to their on site shop (open to the public Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4pm). They sell seasonal fruit and vegetables, bedding plants and pot plants, hanging baskets and shrubs as well as wooden bird boxes and feeders; the latter items made by the also inspiring Woodwork Department.  All the produce is grown in the wonderful old Victorian Walled Garden by the ‘clients’ (people who reside or visit at The Grange).  The anticipation and the delight at receiving a brand new wheelbarrow and watering cans was a sight to behold and they will definitely have already been put to good use!

Next up we visited the Creative Arts and Textiles Department, who have one of their shops in Bookham and who embroidered our Belles Logo onto our Bunting.  The Department  covers machine embroidered designs, canvas work cushions, hand quilted covers, weaving, framed paintings and rugs as well as knitting, tapestry, hand dyeing and felting.

Last but by no means least we met the Catering Department, in it’s temporary location whilst building works are carried out.  As soon as we arrived we were greeted with the delicious aromas of lunch and friendly smiles.  The department had asked and duly received an ingenious set of Talking Scales to help, in particular, those chefs among them who are partially blind.  The scales were immediately tried and tested and will be a great asset to the department.  To learn further catering skills the Grange has a Simply Scones Tearoom (open on a Tuesday when the building works are complete) which definitely will be added to our members agenda!!

The Grange is an organisation supporting people with disabilities to achieve their potential and live independent and fulfilling lives. They are a charity, a social enterprise and a housing association offering high-quality Supported Living and Residential Care services alongside a wide-ranging programme of Day Skills and work experience.

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Thank You From The Grange

I just had to write and thank you and the lovely ladies from the Bookham Belles WI for coming to The Grange and playing Santa for the morning. I don’t have to tell you just how pleased everyone was with the wheelbarrow, watering cans and talking scales you could see it from the reactions!!

It was an absolute pleasure to show you around The Grange and provide an insight into the work that we do here and we’d be more than happy to organise a talk and tea and cakes for the members in the future.

Best wishes,

Marion Chow
Fundraising & PR Coordinator[/well]

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