Jesus Christ Superstar

On Friday March 6th, 18 members of Great Bookham Belles WI attended the Howard of Effingham School annual musical staged at Leatherhead Theatre. This years musical was ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’,  a modern take on the Gospels’ account of the last few days of the life of Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera. Seen through the eyes of Judas, this powerful and emotional tale showed the human side of the story with emotional intensity, thought provoking edge and explosive theatricality.

It was a fabulous evening and all were amazed at the quality and the professionalism of the production; in fact, a common comment was that this was as good as when it was staged professionally – one member of the audience, who confirmed this review, had seen the original 12 times!  The cast was extremely strong this year, in particular the lead vocalists, and the acting was so powerfully portrayed that at times the audience was reduced  to tears – in particular the whipping and crucifixion scenes. The Pupils and Staff certainly did their school proud – there was a full standing ovation at the end and despite the nature of the musical’s final scene, everyone strangely emerged from the theatre uplifted and buzzing.

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