Murder takes place in Bookham

Over 100 guests on Saturday evening witnessed a horrific murder in #Little #Bookham’s Tithe Barn! Police were not called to the crime scene, as luck would have there just so happened to be over 100 sleuths on the case so the murderer was quickly uncovered and apprehended! After a covid delay of 2 years, Great Bookham Belles WI was finally able to hold it’s Murder Mystery fundraiser, in aid of The Leatherhead Theatre. The evening’s entertainment was expertly provided by The Killing Game Limited. Our fundraisers queued to enter the barn and found themselves at “The Duckham Residents Association Awards Evening”. Some discovered they had been nominated for an award and some indeed found they actually one an award, however all was not as convivial as it seemed when one of the residents staggered in having been stabbed with a screwdriver and died on the spot!! It was a truly fantastic evening, interrogating suspects, investigating the clues and finally solving the murder all whilst enjoying a lovely MYPIE dinner & delicious desserts made by 2 of our Belles. Our raffle was very popular, top prize being dinner for 4 with bubbly, kindly donated by The Queen Stage, recently opened in #Effingham. Thank you to all who supported the event and to those who worked hard to ensure that the evening was a huge success- raising over £2000! NB The deceased resident did reincarnate and this time was sporting a I’m Fine sweatshirt!

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